Chesterton Coatings: Efficiency and Asset Protection in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Waste Water Treatment plant need protective coatings

Concrete structures and steel structures in sewage treatment plants are constantly exposed to demanding environments. The process causes major damage to metal and concrete substrates. Plant owners who want to work efficiently need protective coatings and corrosion protection that are adapted to their requirements.

Equipment used in treatment plants such as tanks, pipes, pumps etc. are susceptible to various corrosion mechanisms due to the corrosive environment in which they are located. To achieve optimum long-term protection for water and wastewater treatment plants, the environmental conditions and the specific operating requirements need to be understood. It is important to understand what exactly leads to equipment failures and how these failures can be prevented. This way suitable long term protection systems may be selected for all areas of the plant.

What specific requirements exist in wastewater systems regarding corrosion protection?

Suitable surface protection coatings can significantly extend the service life of components in wastewater systems. However, as the components and materials in such systems are exposed to enormous environmental stresses, selecting a suitable coating for each part of the system can be a challenge.

Common problems for metal and concrete surfaces in wastewater infrastructure include:

  • Abrasion and erosion caused by coarse particles contained in the flowing wastewater and sludge treatment
  • Chemical pollution due to the highly aggressive nature of the wastewater and enriched chemicals for disinfection and pH adjustment
  • Concrete corrosion and severe attack on metal components due to biogenic corrosion (especially in covered wastewater systems)
  • Pollution risk and environmental hazard due to leaks, cracks, and joint failure
  • Mechanical abrasion due to the weight and movement of equipment

Time for effective refurbishment of concrete tanks and metal structures

After a few years of operation, concrete structures in wastewater systems show severe damage due to chemical attack and the flow of wastewater. The polluted atmosphere, weather, temperature fluctuations and sunlight are further factors – spalling, cracking, and corrosion occur in the concrete. The steel reinforcements become exposed and corrode causing concrete damage. In addition, clarifier basin rims must withstand high mechanical loads due to movement and the weight of the travelling rake arm.

Pumps, screws, agitators, lubrication and grease traps, screens and pipelines suffer erosion and corrosion damage after a brief period of operation if they are not adequately protected. Efficient operability is called into question, and, in the worst case, failures occur that disrupt the entire treatment process. Regular maintenance and refurbishment with suitable coatings is essential for the efficiency of these devices.

Chesterton delivers durable High-Performance Coatings

The ceramic and mineral-reinforced, wear-resistant epoxy coatings from Chesterton offer high chemical stability, abrasion, and corrosion/erosion resistance. They are therefore ideally suited for applications in water and wastewater systems.

The portfolio of protective coatings provides different solutions depending on the application needs. For all requirements, Chesterton offers effective corrosion protection systems that enable a significant extension of plant and equipment service life and thus increase wastewater treatment plants’ efficiency.

Our High-End Coatings offer:

  • High resistance to abrasion, aggressive chemicals, and acids – due to the presence of ceramic and special particles in a high-quality polymer matrix
  • Due to high adhesion to the substrate under-film corrosion and coating delamination are prevented
  • High edge protection – more than 70% layer thickness retention on sharp edges
  • Exceptionally low permeability due to solvent free formulations
  • Smooth, low-friction surface – enables higher flow rates, increased efficiency, good release of solids and easy cleaning
  • Application by trowel, roller, brush, or airless spraying, depending on the product
  • Single layer application with fast curing times – ensures fast return to service

Let our corrosion protection experts advise you. Together we will find the best coating solution for your plants applications.

Rely on our experience in the wastewater sector

Improving the efficiency and reliability of treatment plants with our products is part of our daily life. For many years, we have helped industrial and municipal plant operators worldwide to achieve operating efficiency and long-term asset/equipment protection.

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Here you can gain a brief insight into our many years of experience in the wastewater sector:

Case Study #1 – Aeration Tanks Restored and Protected by ARC CS2(E)

Aeration tanks at a wastewater plant built in the 1970s treating waste from a major food manufacturer needed renovation and protection.

 The project saved the customer 200,000 Euro versus new construction costs.

Case Study #2 – New Clarifier Lining Holds Up for 11+ Years

This case study describes the successful restoration of a clarifier with ARC S1HB – free of flaws or failures after 11+ years in operation.

Case Study #3 – Refurbishment of a Buffer Tank with Ceramic Polymer Concrete Coatings

A German sewage treatment plant owns a huge equalization tank with a length of 70 m. Due to extreme concrete damages the basin was refurbished extensively.


With its ARC and Ceramic Polymer coating lines, Chesterton offers high-quality industrial coating solutions for the demanding water and wastewater sector. We will gladly assist you with our experience and expertise to find an ideal coating protection solution for your requirements.

You can achieve the following results with our high-performance coatings:

Extended equipment life
Protection against corrosion, erosion, wear, and chemical attack significantly extends the service life of wastewater systems.

Reduced maintenance costs
Less corrosion damage and less wear means fewer repairs and equipment replacement.

Improved operational reliability
Protection against breakdowns and malfunctions due to damage increases the productivity of the system.

We will gladly help you with any questions regarding corrosion and erosion protection. Please ask our Expert Desk for further information.