High Build, Single Coat, Edge-Retentive Barrier Coating

A 100% solids, mineral-reinforced, high-build coating to protect metal and concrete against chemical corrosion and erosion.

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Allows for one coat application
High build (1 – 2 mm/ 40 – 80 mils) coating designed for rough surfaces
UV sensitive pigment for QC inspection
Product Characteristics Applications
Easily applied by heated plural component spray with brush application for touch-up
Applied at minimum thickness of 0.5mm
Crude oil storage tanks
Wastewater clarifiers
Thickener tanks
Chemical storage tanks
Technical Data
Dry Temperature Service (Max) 62˚C (144˚F)
Wet Temperature Service (Max) 52˚C (126˚F)
Tensile Adhesion (metal) - kg/cm2 - MPa (psi) 477 - 46.8 (6 790)
Tensile Adhesion to Concrete - kg/cm2 - MPa (psi) >10000 hrs
Available Sizes
51l; 480l kit