Sealing technology and solutions

We are sealing specialists, backed by decades of collective experience across many industries. Customers choose Chesterton for innovative sealing solutions along with proven expertise to help achieve maximum equipment reliability and return on investment.

Equipment Monitoring

​Chesterton now offers powerful monitoring of pumps and other rotating equipment monitoring with the Chesterton Connect™ sensor and app, and Chesterton Connect™ Cloud. These easy-to-install sensors monitor the health of both seals and equipment health as well as vibration so you can spot possible issues before failure. Use the Chesterton Connect Cloud, an analytics web-based dashboard, to monitor all Chesterton Connect sensors 24/7 from wherever you are. Further information.

Mechanical Seals

Our innovative mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, mixers, and other rotating equipment simplify installation, improve reliability, and extend the performance of fluid handling. Companies around the world turn to Chesterton for extensive mechanical sealing expertise — in design, selection, installation, field service, and more. Further information.

A. W. Chesterton Mechanical Seals

A. W. Chesterton Packing and Gaskets

Packing and Gaskets

Chesterton offers a full line of packing and gasketing technology for rotating and stationary equipment. Our advances in packing technology help customers stay compliant with increasingly challenging fugitive emissions requirements. We also offer valuable sealing solutions to help plants achieve significant energy reduction and water savings. Further information.

Polymer Seals

Chesterton seals for fluid power equipment including presses, cylinders, and valve/control units offer unique, proven designs and highly durable, innovative materials for exceptional performance. Our wide variety of aftermarket hydraulic cylinder seal kits feature upgraded seals and components that offer longer service life, greater reliability, and improved performance. Further information.

A. W. Chesterton Polymer Seals

Industrial coatings and maintenance specialties

Protective Coatings

ARC Industrial Coatings

ARC industrial coatings provide advanced protection for metal and concrete equipment and structures across a wide spectrum of challenging applications. ARC coatings provide superior performance against erosion, corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack. Chesterton’s low-VOC, 100% solids formulations deliver long-term protection for critical industrial processes and equipment efficiency.

Ceramic Polymer Coatings

Ceramic Polymer industrial coatings specialize in external protection for large metal and concrete industrial structures such as storage tanks, offshore and onshore structures, pipelines, and biogas facilities.

Further information.

A. W. Chesterton Protective Coatings

A. W. Chesterton Industrial Lubricants and MRO Products

Industrial Lubricants and MRO Products

From high performance industrial lubricants to efficient cleaners, Chesterton offers a full range of products designed to improve maintenance reliability, reduce costs, and extend equipment life. Further information.

Our innovative products and comprehensive lubrication programs are focused on friction detection, corrosion prevention, and equipment life extension.