The Chesterton ConnectTM IIoT Solution Significantly Increases the Reliability of Pumps and Rotating Equipment

IIOT Technologie from Chesterton for wastewater sector

Whether drinking water, raw water, process water or wastewater – municipal and industrial applications involve the transport, distribution and treatment of water. Various types of pumps are used for pumping and transferring water and sewage sludge. The aim of all plant operators is to ensure that the pumps and rotating machinery function smoothly and reliably in order to keep the operating costs of the plant as low as possible. After all, every pump failure costs money and disrupts operations.

In addition to high-quality seals and lubricants for technical equipment in water and wastewater plants, Chesterton offers a pump specific IIoT-based monitoring solution designed to maximize the uptime and reliability of rotating machinery.

Chesterton ConnectTM System monitors and records the performance attributes of your pumps

The Chesterton Connect System provides reliable monitoring of mechanical seals and rotating equipment such as pumps, motors and gearboxes. As most pump installations issues are caused by process problems, the Chesterton Connect System was designed to monitor both the process as well as the equipment, maximizing the ability to predict problems before they happen.  The following parameters can be monitored and compared around the clock in near real time:

  • Process temperature
  • Process pressure
  • 3-Axis vibration (Acceleration and Velocity RMS)
  • Surface temperature

All sensing metrics listed above are ergonomically packaged into a single sensor, which can be viewed from your mobile device using the Chesterton Connect iOS or android app. Using thresholds, you can quickly recognize if there are any anomalies that could lead to downtime or malfunctions. This can streamline maintenance planning, optimizing the operational efficiency of the device and therefore increase the productivity of pumps.

Retrieve and compare machine performance via remote monitoring

If several pumps or rotating machines need to be monitored, the Chesterton Connect gateway and cloud is the solution. Chesterton Connect sensors are connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to the Chesterton Connect Gateway, which forwards the bundled data to the Chesterton Connect Cloud Wi-Fi monitoring platform in nearly real time. Here you can call up the data and reports conveniently on your desktop or mobile device – wherever you are in the world.

You can receive notifications, alerts and automated reports by email via an optional cloud signup process. The Chesterton Connect System facilitates proactive maintenance planning and helps you to minimize downtime and extend the service life of your devices.

Valuable experience in the wastewater sector – Chesterton ConnectTM System enables immense cost savings

Typical applications for the Chesterton Connect System are split case pumps, submersible pumps, slurry pumps and centrifugal pumps.

Pump failure due to clogging are very common in the wastewater sector, resulting in high maintenance costs and long downtimes. Non-dissolving materials in wastewater, such as wet wipes, cause blockages and contamination in pipes and pumps. These blockages lead to cavitation and consequently to excessive vibrations, which can cause serious damage to the pump.

The Chesterton Connect Sensor can be placed directly on the discharge pipework of the pump and alerts the system personnel to increasing vibrations caused by blockages in the pump intake. In this way, the maintenance team can remove the contamination before it causes damage to the pump and its failure.  The Chesterton Connect sensor can also be place directly into the stuffing box, now in addition to vibration information, you can get the critical process information.

Please read our E-book about these experiences from the Chesterton website.

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The Chesterton ConnectTM System offers water and wastewater plant operators real added value by helping them to increase the reliability of their plants, reduce operating costs and minimize the downtime of mechanical equipment.

After all, this is what matters if you want to work efficiently in the future. Chesterton is a significant enhancement to plant equipment with advanced IIoT technology.