Boosting Pump Performance and Increasing Pump Availability Using Chesterton® DualPac® 2212 Packing

Chesterton Mechanical Packing can be used in various industries, including Wastewater treatment

There are numerous pumps in waterworks or sewage treatment plants in all industrial sectors. Pumps are involved wherever drinking water, process water and wastewater need to be moved; many of these pumps run continuously. No municipal or industrial water treatment plant can afford frequent, time-consuming pump shut-downs.

Chesterton offers packing solutions for rotating equipment in a wide range of industries. However, in this article we would like to highlight the performance of our DualPac® 2212 pump packing. When used in combination with a SpiralTracTM Packing Device, these two products assist plants with reducing maintenance costs.

Patented braiding technology of high-performance fibers – Chesterton DualPac 2212 Packing

Conventional pump packing requires regular gland adjustment to control leakage.

Chesterton 2212 DualPac Packing installed in Pump

Using a patented braiding method, Chesterton combines resilient and wear-resistant para-aramid fibers and temperature-resistant meta-aramid fibers to create a unique braided packing material. The fibers are braided separately on each side of the packing so that the properties of these high-performance fibers are used individually for the shaft side and the stuffing box side. The orientation of this 2-color packing in the stuffing box can be varied according to requirements. For example, heat-resistant fibers with a low coefficient of friction are used on the shaft side. The high-strength, elastic fibers act on the outside and seal reliably even with changing gland pressure. The packing remains properly compressed against the shaft, helping to minimize gland adjustments, reduce leakage, and mitigate shaft scoring.

Chesterton DualPac 2212 packing offers these performance functions:

  • Heat-resistant fibers help to minimize gland adjustments and prevent over-tightening
  • Higher stuffing box pressure capabilities
  • Superior sealing performance and extrusion resistance in one packing
  • Lower leak rates than conventional packings
  • User-friendly: easy to cut, install and maintain

The results of these product features are fewer gland adjustments and reduced maintenance costs.

SpiralTracTM Packing Device removes solid particles in the stuffing box

We complement the performance of DualPac 2212 packing with SpiralTracTM technology to remove solids from the sealing environment helping to prevent shaft sleeve wear. With the use of a flow controller, the amount of flush water required can be reduced by 60% or more.

Many pumped media contain solid particles. Examples are slurries, wastewater, river water, etc. The problem with solids is that they cause excessive shaft sleeve wear. The solids typically embed themselves in the rotating shaft sleeve and compression packing interface as they migrate through the stuffing box. This decreased the Mean Time Between Failure (MBTF) and increases maintenance costs.

The SpiralTracTM device is very effective for minimizing the impact of solid particulates in the stuffing box. Utilizing a spiral-shaped groove design, the SpiralTracTM device applies a centrifugal force to the pump medium entering the stuffing box in combination with the clean water flush. The centrifugal force imparted on the pump medium and incoming flush serves to effectively remove the solid particles found in the pump medium by directing them to an exit groove.


The combination of DualPac 2212 packing and the SpiralTracTM device, also known as Chesterton® “SuperSets,” is an effective solution to significantly increase the packing service life and reduce pump maintenance costs.

Do you have specific questions about DualPac 2212 packing and SpiralTracTM devices?

We will gladly help you with any questions regarding these products, or other Chesterton products. Please ask our Expert Desk for further information.

*SpiralTracTM is a trademark of EnviroSeal Engineering Products Ltd.