Environmental Controllers

When used with Chesterton® mechanical seals, SpiralTrac™ Environmental Controllers greatly enhance seal reliability by effective removal of solids and improved cooling of the stuffing box

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  • Product Advantages
  • Product Characteristics Parameters
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Extends seal reliability in most rotating equipment applications
Reduces cost of flushing in abrasive applications
Fits all rotating equipment
F (split) Greatly reduced flush
N Reduced/No flush in no fibrous fluids
D Reduced/No flush in fibrous fluids
P (split) Packing version
C With drain for crystallizing media
Available Materials
1.4401 (316SS) 416 SS
PTFE – Carbon Graphite Filled PTFE – Glass Filled
Ti/EN 3.7035 Bronze
AWC800 – Red Polymer Monel® K400 / EN 2.4360