Introducing: Chesterton’s Cutting-Edge Solutions for the Mining Industry!

Increasing Efficiency for Mining Machinery is our Priority Mechanical stress, severe impacts, slurries, dust and dirt, corrosion, and lack of water can significantly reduce the reliability and uptime of mining equipment. Chesterton specialists help mining companies worldwide overcome these challenges with expertise and advanced solutions in sealing, lubrication and protective coatings Boost your Mining Operation […]

- Wednesday, August 23, 2023

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Equipements Rotatifs : La surveillance des vibrations est-elle vraiment suffisante pour éviter les pannes des pompes ?

Rotating equipment: Is vibration monitoring really enough to prevent pump failures?

Vibration and surface temperature measurements are the most common methods of monitoring the condition of pumps and other rotating equipment. However, vibration and surface temperature measurements of the pump motor or bearing housing provide only half the story. What are the main causes of vibration in pumps? There are many sources of vibration in pumps. The most […]

- Friday, April 16, 2021

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