Surveille, analyse et compare les performances de votre équipement ou que vous soyez

Chesterton Connect Cloud

First visit? Create your account here Cloud presentation for Chesterton Connect Monitor, analyse and compare the performance of your equipment wherever you are Chesterton Connect is a simple to install, app-enabled device that provides 24/7 monitoring of equipment conditions, including temperature, process pressure, equipment vibration and surface temperature. The Cloud gives you insight into the […]

- Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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Equipements Rotatifs : La surveillance des vibrations est-elle vraiment suffisante pour éviter les pannes des pompes ?

Rotating equipment: Is vibration monitoring really enough to prevent pump failures?

Vibration and surface temperature measurements are the most common methods of monitoring the condition of pumps and other rotating equipment. However, vibration and surface temperature measurements of the pump motor or bearing housing provide only half the story. What are the main causes of vibration in pumps? There are many sources of vibration in pumps. The most […]

- Friday, April 16, 2021

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Système de surveillance pour les pompes, Capteur de surveillance

Chesterton Connect™ – Installation video tips and tricks

Chesterton Connect is an easy-to-use data acquisition tool that allows you to safely and conveniently monitor the operating conditions of your processes and equipment. Easy to install, the unit and application allow the user to increase the uptime of rotating equipment. This video#1 offers some useful tips when installing a Chesterton Connect unit on a […]

- Tuesday, August 25, 2020

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Système de surveillance pour les pompes, Capteur de surveillance

Chesterton Connect™ monitoring sensors

A simple and easy IoT System to monitor your pumps and their sealing systems to increase reliability! Simplified monitoring Chesterton, the leader in sealing and equipment reliability, launches its latest Connected Object Innovation: Chesterton Connect™ . Easy to install, it is an Acquisition System associated with an Application that allows the user to increase the […]

- Monday, March 9, 2020

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