Chesterton Connect Cloud

Surveille, analyse et compare les performances de votre équipement ou que vous soyez

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Cloud presentation for Chesterton Connect

Monitor, analyse and compare the performance of your equipment wherever you are

Chesterton Connect is a simple to install, app-enabled device that provides 24/7 monitoring of equipment conditions, including temperature, process pressure, equipment vibration and surface temperature.

The Cloud gives you insight into the health of all equipment monitored by Chesterton Connect. This platform is an intelligence tool that helps you easily detect variations in equipment performance to focus your maintenance efforts where they are most needed.

  • Detect trends to address potential threats to ensure equipment availability
  • Identify problems that cause hard-to-detect failures
  • Anticipate potential malfunctions to help reduce maintenance costs
  • Easily improve the operation of your facilities

Access to all information at a glance

Use the Chesterton Connect Cloud to:

  • Schedule notification alerts by equipment and user
  • Correlate multiple measurements at a specific time
  • Quickly overlay and compare data from multiple devices
  • Analyse vibrations against different standards
  • Easily create equipment performance reports


Dashboard: tailored to your needs

The Cloud allows you to monitor all equipment connected to Chesterton Connect sensors 24/7 through a user-friendly dashboard.

No matter where you are, view overall performance, explore variances and trends, add notes and take action to increase equipment uptime and productivity.

  • Security: 24/7 security, authentication and data backup
  • Customisation: flexible management of user roles, permissions and reports
  • Data storage: unlimited storage of Chesterton Connect measurements, alarms and notes
  • Data visualisation: easy navigation through graphs, alarms and notes
  • Access: instant and unlimited access to sensors


Monitor 24/7 vibration trends of equipment

The Cloud allows you to:

  • Easily view vibration trends through colour-coded analysis
    Display vibration velocity and acceleration
  • View 3-axis vibration monitoring

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