The Chesterton Connect™ intrinsically safe (IS) sensor system monitors the performance of industrial equipment and mechanical seals in hazardous areas

Le systeme de capteurs à sécurité intrinsèque Chesterton Connect™ (IS), la dernière version de la gamme de produits de surveillance sans fil IoT de Chesterton

The Chesterton Connect™ Intrinsically Safe (IS) sensor system, the latest version of Chesterton’s range of wireless IoT monitoring products, is certified for use on equipment and structures in most hazardous environments facing high pressures, high temperatures and flammable liquids. Chesterton Connect IS meets NEC/ATEX levels for Category 1 gas and dust Class 1/Division 1 (gas, steam environments) and Class 2/Division 1 (dusty environments) equipment and IP66 for outdoor use.

“Intrinsic safety” is the electrical protection that allows the sensor to be used in hazardous areas with dust or gases that can ignite,” explains Juan Cid, product manager at Chesterton. “The sensor contains safety features within the electronics that prevent the sensor from raising the temperature of its components to dangerous levels.

The Chesterton Connect™  IS sensor is easy to deploy and monitors rotating equipment such as pumps and heat exchangers, as well as structures such as tanks 24/7 to:

  • Equipment vibration
  • Surface temperature
  • Process pressure
  • Process temperature

Uniquely, Chesterton Connect™ IS checks for fluids impacting mechanical seals, which are often the first component to fail in a pump.

The Connect IS system communicates with a mobile application via Bluetooth. The application supports multiple sensors to provide a complete view of the status of a plant’s equipment to detect and resolve problems before failure, often saving thousands of pounds in downtime. The application also alerts the user when predefined equipment operating limits are exceeded. Data collected from multiple sensors can be exported to the Chesterton Connect™ Cloud platform to spot trends and compare data to avoid equipment downtime and resolve hard-to-fix issues.

Chesterton Connect IS sensors keep workers safe by allowing them to remotely check conditions and performance in hazardous areas, so plants can save maintenance time and avoid potential accidents.