Chesterton 650 AML Advanced Machinery Lubricant is environmentally friendly and can withstand high loads and extreme pressures

Biodégradable 650 AML prolonge la durée de vie de l'équipement en Réduisant considérablement l'usure.

Biodegradable 650 AML extends the life of the equipment by significantly reducing wear.

Lubrifiant supérieur pour machines pour chaînes, pneumatiques et autres assemblages de machines sur les marchés l'industriel et alimentaire.

Chesterton is pleased to announce a unique lubricant called 650 AML. A superior machine lubricant for chains, tyres and other machine assemblies in the industrial and food markets. This oil is formulated with a unique blend of food grade vegetable esters, making it a high performance lubricant that is readily biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe for operators.

650 AML provides exceptional wear protection for valves, pistons and other pneumatic components. It cleans and removes residue and grime while lubricating chains, cables and other machine components.

650 AML is designed for end users who are looking for a high performance, environmentally friendly and worker safe alternative to petroleum based oils.

650 AML will meet safety and environmental compliance requirements while performing better than many petroleum based products.

650 AML has several advantages when used for the lubrication of pneumatic components, chains, cables or machine components

  • Environmentally safe: plant-based ester technology; easily biodegradable
  • Safe: low risk of misting; low odour
  • Cleanliness: self-cleaning; removes residues and fouling
  • Energy savings: low coefficient of friction of 0.05 (ASTM D3233), significantly reduces energy consumption.
  • Reduces wear and tear: Tested high pressure capability extends equipment life.
  • Compatibility: Silicone-free; safe for all metals, most polymers and plastics
  • Compliance: NSF H1 certified, approved for use in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries
Biodégradable 650 AML prolonge la durée de vie de l'équipement en Réduisant considérablement l'usure.

650 AML is intended for use in all industries. It will prove very beneficial in pneumatic circuits requiring high moisture absorption and on dry chains requiring high load bearing capacity and excellent cleaning ability.

The intended areas of use are: but it does not stop there. :

  • Robotic, automated and controlled pneumatic systems, including cylinders, coils, actuators, valves, presses, pneumatic tools, etc.
  • Power transmission/conveyor chains: such as general automotive manufacturing (white goods, tyres and rubber, paper mills) and where lubricant is applied by automatic drop, brush, mist or spray lubrication systems.
  • Wire rope, cables and hoists for all equipment including cranes, lifts and conveyors.
  • Air mist lubrication systems, including very high speed bearings; high temperature operation at 200◦C depending on bearing size and speed.

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