650 AML

Advanced Machinery Lubricant

Chesterton 650 AML is a high-performing, readily biodegradable lubricant designed to creep into internal workings of chains, cables, pneumatics, needle bearings, and sliding mechanisms. It is engineered with a unique ester blend of plant-based natural and synthetic technology making it environmentally friendly and worker safe. Temperature Limits -21°C – 200°C (-6F° – 392°F)

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  • Product Advantages
  • Product Characteristics Parameters
Environmentally safe Ester technology
Self-cleaning, removes residues and sticky build up
Product Characteristics Applications
NSF Registered H1
Low mist hazard, low odor
Low friction, significantly reduces power consumption
Reduces wear; prolongs equipment life
High load and extreme pressure capabilities Silicone-free
High load and extreme pressure capabilities Silicone-free
Safe on all metals, most polymers and plastics
Air Actuated Valves
Pneumatic Cylinders, Solenoids and Positioners
Conveyor Chains, Slideways, and Wire Ropes
Air Mist or Oil Injected Lubricated Bearings, and Equipment
Assembly, Packaging and Filling Machines
Available Container Sizes: 475 ml, 20 l, 208 l