783(E) ACR

High Performance Anti-Seize

783 combines high performance industrial anti-seize performance with extreme corrosion protection and water washout resistance. 783 is ideal where the primary cause of bolt seizure is corrosion.

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  • Product Advantages
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Lubricates for assembly and disassembly
Extreme corrosion protection and water washout resistance
Product Characteristics Applications
Eases disassembly up to 900°C (1 652°F) Covers all industries
Fills in microscopic voids Bolts
No toxic heavy metals Screws
For extreme pressure up to 8 928 kg/cm2 (127000 psi) Studs
Safer than traditional metallic based anti-seizes Pipe threads
Press fits

Pump sleeves
Available Container Sizes: 250 g, 500 g, 24 kg