Chesterton 783(E) ACR – Corrosion resistant mounting paste: enhanced reliability through high performance anti-seize

Pâte de montage-Anti-grippage résistant à la corrosion: Fiabilité renforcée grâce à un anti-grippant haute performance

During a maintenance shutdown at a major refinery site, the teams encountered numerous problems when dismantling the bolts.

After various tests carried out by the refinery’s teams, the anti-seize and corrosion-resistant 783(E) ACR assembly paste is now recommended and applied to the bolts to make assembly and, above all, disassembly of the equipment easier and more reliable.

Pate de montage anti-corrosion

783(E) mounting paste combines a high performance industrial anti-seize with enhanced corrosion protection and excellent water washout resistance.

783(E) is ideal where the main cause of bolt seizure is corrosion.

Product features:

  • Facilitates disassembly up to 900°C (1652°F)
  • Fills microscopic voids
  • No toxic heavy metals
  • For extreme pressures up to 8,928 kg/cm² (127,000 psi)
  • Safer than traditional metal-based anti-seize

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