Sealing Solutions for Hydropower Equipment

​​​​Boost Turbine Dependability and Reduce Downstream Pollution For many years, Chesterton has offered hydropower facilities cost-effective hydraulic and pneumatic sealing solutions that ensure leak-free sealing and increased turbine efficiency. Worldwide, OEMs, operators, and refurbishment businesses rely on our incredibly dependable and high-quality products. In your cylinders, using a combination of high-performance seals and Chesterton-exclusive materials […]

- Friday, March 1, 2024

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Sealing Solutions for the Mining and Ore Processing Industry

In the mining busi​ness, your operation must meet critical demands and anticipate the unexpected every day to help reduce the costs of downtime. Challenging environments and destructive loads take their toll on your equipment. Chesterton’s industry-proven hydraulic sealing solutions provide maximum value by extending the hours of operation between maintenance intervals of your equipment and […]

- Wednesday, August 23, 2023

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