Low Durometer Machinable Seal Material

AWC825 is a differentiated, machinable thermoset material specifically designed to improve seal performance associated with worn, scored, aged, or pitted heavy-duty industrial cylinders and presses.

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  • Product Advantages
  • Product Characteristics Parameters
Highly elastic
Extends efficient operation in slightly worn equipment
Superior wear, tear, and abrasion resistance
Long-term elastic memory
Operating Conditions
Typical use Mining equipment
Dusty environment
Steel Industry
Hydraulic and mechanical presses
Temperature -40°C ─ 85°C (-40°F ─ 185°F)
Pressure Max 52 MPa (7200 psi)
Fluid Compatibility HF, HFL, HFA, HFB
Coefficient of Friction Not available
Elongation at break 230%
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