Cherry Polymer

Thanks to its mechanical properties, the AWC860 is best suited for highly demanding, heavy-duty applications where it helps extend equipment’s mean time between repairs (MTBR).

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  • Product Advantages
  • Product Characteristics Parameters
Suitable for higher temperatures
Robust polymer structure
Longer service life due to excellent abrasion resistance
Very low friction
Operating Conditions
Typical use Mining equipment
Forging machines
Steel industry
Heavy-duty applications
Temperature -50°C ─ 120°C (-60°F ─ 250°F)
Pressure Maximum 103.5 MPa (15000 psig)
Fluid Compatibility Mineral oil-based fluids, HFA-E, HFB (ISO 6743-4)
Coefficient of Friction 0,18 to 0,22 dry running
Elongation at break 540%
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