Red Polymer

AWC800 , the base of Chesterton’s polymer seal program, is available in the majority of profiles.

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  • Product Advantages
  • Product Characteristics Parameters
High sealing performance and leak-free operation
Excellent wear and abrasion resistance for hostile environments
Built-in lubricant and long elastic memory enable a longer service life
Plant-wide usage
Operating Conditions
Temperature -50°C ─ 85°C (-60°F ─ 185°F)
Pressure Maximum 103.5 MPa (15000 psig)
Fluid compatibility Mineral oil-based fluids, HFA-E, HFB (ISO 6743-4)
Surface Speed (continuous) Reciprocating 1,0 m/s (200 ft/min), rotating 0,5 m/s (100ft/min)
Coefficient of Friction Dry running 0,18 to 0,22
Shelf Life >25 years
AWC800 is an EU polyether PU class material