High-Temperature and Chemical-Resistant, Epoxy Novolac Vinyl Ester Coating

A low VOC, epoxy novolac vinyl ester-based coating intended for high temperature exposures in chemically aggressive applications where the risk for thermal cycling and shock may be present.

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  • Product Advantages
  • Product Characteristics Parameters
  • Product Installation View
Easily applied for rapid installation
Extends asset life
Provides long-term protection
Spark testable for pinhole-free verification
Product Characteristics Applications
Two-coat system
Easily applied by spray, brush or roller
Wet film thickness of 0,25 to 0,5 mm (10 to 20 mils) per coat
Flue gas ducts
Heat Exchangers
Quench zones
Flue gas particulate filters
Chemical reactors
Chemical storage and process tanks
Technical Data
Dry Temperature (Max) 180˚C (355˚F)
Wet Temperature (Max) 135˚C (275˚F)
Tensile Adhesion (ASTM D4541) - kg/cm2 - MPa (psi) 166 - 16.3 (2370)
Available Sizes 14 l