PTFE sealing tape GoldEnd Tape

Heavy-duty, high density, tear resistant, mouldable, dry PTFE sealant tape for use on metal or plastic threads, pipes, or bolts.

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Seals with 1 ½ to 2 wraps—virtually all chemicals
Adjustable by 90°, no leakage
No waste
Product Characteristics Applications
-240°C ─ 260°C (-400°F ─ 500°F)
Seals tightly and opens easily
Non-aging, non-hardening
Chemically resistant
Requires fewer wraps
Resists tearing and breakage
Won’t clog lines
Liquids: Steam, water, salt water, air, fuels, refrigerants, acids, alkalis, all solvents
Gases: Hydrogen, ammonia, oxygen, propane, butane, nitrogen
Other: Pneumatic and hydraulic fittings up to 690 bar (10000 psi)