610 HT(E)

Synthetic Lubricating Fluid—High Temperature Service

Premium quality, 100% synthetic fluid that cleans as it lubricates over a wide temperature range of -25°C to 270°C (-13°F to 518°F).

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Reduces lubricant consumption
Reduced equipment cleaning and downtime
Reduces energy consumption
Increases equipment life
Product Characteristics Applications
Low evaporation Equipment operating at elevated temperatures
Low-carbonizing Refrigerated areas
High detergency—self cleaning Severe environments
E.P. additives increase load carrying ability Oven and high temperature chains
Available Container Sizes: Aerosol (610 Plus only), 3.8 l (610 Plus/610HT only), 20 l, 208 l Bearings
Primary Viscosities - ISO VG 68 - 610 Plus, ISO VG 220 - 610MT Plus, ISO VG 460+ - 610HT