607(E) HTS

Lubricating Fluid - High Temperature Synthetic

High quality synthetic lubricant designed to improve performance and increase the productivity of your equipment by reducing wear, varnish, and corrosion. It operates at a temperatures range where petroleum lubricants are unable to function. Temperature range -30°C to 250°C (-22°F to 482°F).

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  • Product Advantages
  • Product Characteristics Parameters
Reduces lubricant consumption
Reduced equipment cleaning and downtime
Reduces energy consumption
Increases equipment life
Product Characteristics Applications
Low evaporation
E.P. additives increase load carrying ability

Available in two ISO VG Grades: 68 & 220
Equipment operating at elevated temperatures
Refrigerated areas
Severe environments
Oven and high-temperature chains
Available Container Sizes: 20 l, 208 l
Product Availability: Europe, Middle East, and Africa ONLY