Concrete Coating

Tough polymer coating that seals, protects and beautifies old and new concrete, brick, rock, wood, and metal.

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  • Product Advantages
  • Product Characteristics Parameters
  • Product Installation View
Lower cost per installed m2 than paint
Penetrating sealer—limits adhesive failure
Ease of reapplication
Product Characteristics Applications
Penetrates to seal concrete—eliminates possibility of peeling like a paint
No mechanical or acid etching required
Good to seal concrete that will be underwater
Good chemical resistance—spills—pH 2 – 13
Excellent to alkali spills and salts
Wastewater clarifiers
Cooling towers
Bridge supports
I-Beam footings
Spillways, dams
Floors, cement blocks
Stucco, brick, stone walls, tiles
Buildings, sidewalks, aisle ways
Available Container Sizes:
20 l, 196 l