White Chemical Packing

Non-staining chemical packing, ideally suited for bleach pumps and other rotary applications

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  • Product Advantages
  • Product Characteristics Parameters
Superior chemical resistance
Low friction for improved speed capability
Longer packing life
Technical Data
Materials White expanded PTFE yarn with a special filler
Applications Bleach pumps, chemical pumps, agitators
Available Sizes 6.4 mm ─ 25.4 mm (1/4" ─ 1")
Pressure Limit 20 bar g (300 psig) Temperature Limit Min -40°C ─ 260°C (-40°F ─ 500°F)
Speed 10 m/s (2000 ft/min) Chemical Resistance 0 ─ 14 except for Fluorine (F2), ClF3 and related compounds, and molten alkali metals