Chesterton’s Proguard 169 Plus – High-quality Polyurethane Topcoat for long term Surface Protection

For aggressive atmospheric conditions, Chesterton provides a premium topcoat with excellent corrosion protection properties.

Proguard 169 Plus, from our Ceramic Polymer product line, is a 2K polyester-reinforced polyurethane topcoat with excellent color retention, UV stability and mechanical strength.

The product is designed as a topcoat for steel structures, tanks, pipelines, bridges and offshore installations. It is applied as a single coat using various application methods and is available in RAL and NCS colors.

No diisocyanate training obligation for Chesterton product users

Diisocyanates are often present in coating systems mainly in the hardeners of 2K polyurethane systems. European Regulation 2020/1449 requires specified training for all users of coatings with above 0.1% diisocyanates from August 24, 2023. The background to this is that the use of diisocyanates in larger proportions has often been associated with skin and respiratory irritation.

Proguard 169 Plus complies with the requirements of European Regulation 2020/1449 and therefore, mandatory training for users and end-users is not required.

Customer advantages of Proguard 169 Plus compared to other topcoats

  • Strong, long-term corrosion protection in aggressive environments
  • Excellent color stability, mechanical strength and weathering resistance
  • 1-coat application, various application methods possible
  • Fast curing
  • Temperature resistance up to 120°C, dry heat
  • High protective properties according to ISO 12944-2 / Classification CX
  • No diisocyanate training necessary for users and end users according to EU Commission
    Regulation 2020/1149
  • No need for your staff to spend time on regular diisocyanate training

For any questions regarding our advanced corrosion protection solutions, please contact our Ceramic Polymer expert team:

Woldemar Haak
Product Manager Protective Coatings
FROSIO Coating Inspector Lvl II
Phone :  +49 (0) 52 23 – 962 76 – 13

Jan Robert Schroeder
Product Manager Protective Coatings
FROSIO Coating Inspector Lvl II
Phone :  +49 (0) 52 23 – 962 76 – 16