O-Ring Replacement Kits for Hydraulic Valves

Made from advanced AWC800 polymer, this Chesterton® valve seal outlasts traditional O-Rings, reducing maintenance and leakage

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High performance Chesterton polymer material AWC800 (EU)
High resistance to compression setting and extrusion
Long elastic memory and no aging
Direct retrofit, no equipment modifications required
Valve Size and Port Replaced O-Ring Quantity (pcs) Small Kit Reorder# CLK0104 Standard Kit Reorder# CLK0105 Large Kit Reorder# CLK0155
NG6 (A,B,P,T) OR9,25x1,78 25
NG10 (A,B,P,T) OR12X2 25
NG10 (X,Y) OR10,82X1,78 25
NG16 (A,B,P,T) OR22X2,5 25
NG16 (X,Y) OR10X2 25
NG25 (A,B,P,T) OR27X3 25
NG25 (X,Y) OR19X3 25
NG32 (A,B,P,T) OR42X3 25
NG32 (X,Y) OR19X3 25
Applicable standards: DIN24340, ISO 5781, ISO 4401, ISO 5263, ISO 6264, ISO 6263 & CETOP RP:121H