DualPac™ 2211

Severe Slurry Packing

By inventing a new braiding process, Chesterton has successfully combined ePTFE and aramid fibres in a unique configuration, allowing low-friction fibres to seal the shaft and resilient fibres to provide strength and anti-extrusion benefits. Combined in this way DualPac 2211 provides all of the performance advantages of ePTFE and aramid without the compromises of traditional mixed fibre packing.

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  • Product Advantages
  • Product Characteristics Parameters
Achieves significantly longer packing life using patent pending DualPac™ packing technology
Multiple configurations to eliminate the need for end rings
Exclusive design using DualPac Technology
Technical Data
Material ePTFE and Aramid
Available Sizes 9.5 mm ─ 25.4 mm (3/8" ─ 1")
Pressure Limit 20 bar g (300 psig)
Speed 10 m/s (2000 ft/min)
Temperature Limit 260°C (500°F)
Chemical Resistance pH 3 ─ 11
For use in ore slurries, mineral handling, dewatering tailing pumps and other slurry processing applications