Ceramic-Reinforced, Sprayable, Erosion-Resistant Coating

An advanced, liquid ceramic reinforced composite for the protection of all metal surfaces subject to erosive, corrosive, and severe fluid flow conditions.

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Improves fluid flow efficiency
Extends equipment life
Spark testable for pinhole-free verification
Sprayable viscosity for rapid installation
Product Characteristics Applications
Two-coat system
Easily applied by spray, brush, or roller
Minimum thickness of 250 μm (10 mils) per coat
Fans and housings
Heat Exchangers
Cooling water systems
Tank linings
Scrubber systems
Pump and valve assemblies
Pipeline coatings
Technical Data
Dry Temperature (Min/Max) 80˚C (175˚F)
Wet Temperature (Min/Max) 52˚C (125˚F)
Tensile Adhesion - kg/cm2 - MPa (psi) 463 - 45.5 (6590)
Salt Fog >20 000 hrs
Available Sizes 1125 ml (cartridge), 1.5 l; 5 l; 16 l