Cold Galvanizing Compound

Zinc rich primer or final protective coating for metals exposed to atmospheric or corrosive conditions. The one-part system provides three types of corrosion protection: barrier, galvanic, and zinc oxide. A quick, cost-effective way to cold galvanize parts and finished product.

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High zinc content
Ultra fine particles
Excellent coverage and protection
Excellent adhesion
Product Characteristics Applications
Fast drying
Self-healing, if scratched
One-part system
Available Container Sizes: Aerosol, 2,7 kg
Conforms to MIL-P-46105, MIL-P-21035, and MIL-P-26915
Authorized by the USDA
Steel and iron surface/structures
Structural steel tanks
Transmission towers
Underground pipelines
Automotive bodies
Marine equipment
Mining equipment
Metal roofs

Available Container Sizes: Aerosol, 2,7 kg