Opticool Semi-Synthetic

A clear, stable, and long-lasting micro emulsion that offers exceptional foam control and maximum sump life. Chesterton Opticool 572(E) is ideal for multi-task machining centers and multi-machining fluids standardization. Mild to the skin.

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Clear formula
Improves part finish and tool life
Reduced oil mist
Long sump life
Product Characteristics Applications
Excellent cooling and lubricating properties
Reduces mist and smoke inhalation hazards
Excellent foam control
Clean, pleasant working environment
Extreme-pressure capabilities
Microbial-resistant additive package extends sump life
Contains no nitrites, phenols, sulfur, mercurials, or formaldehyde
Broaching, sawing, reaming, drawing
Tapping, threading, milling
Turning, grinding, stamping

Available Container Sizes: 20 l, 208 l, 1 000 l