Phosphate-Free Cleaner

Especially effective on animal fats and vegetable oils for the food industry; a versatile, industrial cleaner for environmentally sensitive areas.

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  • Product Advantages
  • Product Characteristics Parameters
Cost effective—highly concentrated—dilute with water to use
Strong, fast acting
Improves worker safety
Environmentally friendly—biodegradable
Product Characteristics Applications
Highly effective on animal fat and vegetable oil
High stable foam
Food, Pharmaceutical, and Beverage Industry
Meat and poultry plants
Bottling, canning, packaging machines
Waste water treatment
Floors, pump stations
Sludge and fungi removal
Decks, hulls, bilges
Floors, walls, tiles, concrete
Available Container Sizes: 20 l, 208 l, 1 000 l Caution: Do not use on aluminium