Heavy-duty, concentrated, virtually non-foaming, liquid alkaline degreaser. Designed with the environment in mind, yet it handles tough degreasing applications.

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  • Product Advantages
  • Product Characteristics Parameters
Cost effective—highly concentrated—dilute with water to use
Long lifetime in washing equipment
Improves worker safety— no hazardous powder dust
Environmentally friendly— biodegradable
Product Characteristics Applications
Excellent rinsability
Corrosion inhibited
No silicones, toxic solvents, phosphates, or EDTA
Dye and fragrance free
Spray booth washers
Floor Scrubbers
High pressure washers
Steam cleaning equipment
Can be used in food plants
Available Container Sizes: 20 l, 208 l Note: Chesterton’s 218 HDP can be used up to 82°C (180°F)
Available from European warehouse only